Are you the king of kool?  The heppist of the hep?  Are you ready to step up to the Beatnik Baron II?


The royalty of the Alameda guitar line, the Beatnik Baron is the answer to yet another question no one asked - how does a Strat style tremolo work in a largely hollow guitar?  It turns out, quite well!

We got the beat!

The Beatnik Baron II is semi hollow body guitar, with just enough wood inside to mount the pickups, bridge, and tremolo.  The body, approximately 2 1/8" thick, has a mahogany body with a maple cap with a German carve front and rear, and a maple neck with rosewood fretboard.  The body is as open as possible so that the tremolo springs can interact with the rest of the body and its vibrations.

The wiring is the same as on the Clam Shack deluxe - master volume, treble tone, bass tone, voice rotary for each Off Kiltertron pickup, phase push/pull, ser/par push/pull, and a single/dual voice rotary switch.

As always, we use Vega-Trem tremolos only, because it's silky smooth and generally awesome.

Are you ready to be the Hapsburg of the Hepcat scene?  Then the Beatnik Baron II is for you!

The Beatnik Baron II guitar is $3,000 US including hard case.  Contact us for more information.

25.5" scale neck / 9.5" radius
Fat "C" neck profile / 1.697" nut
Vintage frets (jescar 43080)
Maple neck / Rosewood fretboard
Mahogany body / Maple cap
Weight: 7 lbs 3 oz
Tuners: Gotoh locking
Bridge: large roller


Neck: Off Kiltertron
Middle: Bar-Belle
Bridge: Off Kiltertron
Master Volume
Treble Tone
Bass Tone
OKT Voice rotary (neck)
OKT Voice rotary (bridge)
5-way switch
Neck pickup rocker switch
Phase switch
Serial/Parallel switch
Independent or Master rotary switch


Color: Lilac / Metallic Purple / White binding

Kool Kat?  Rockin' Royalty?

The Beatnik Baron is the guitar for you!

This Beatnik Baron guitar is $3,000 US including hard case. CONTACT US to learn more.

Need more knobs and switches in your life?  Here's the solution!

So how does this work?

The magic is in the OKT voice control rotary, which allows you to quickly switch between the three single coil and three humbucking voices in the Off Kiltertron pickup.  Dial in the voice you want for the neck pickup, dial in the voice you want for the bridge pickup, and get rockin'!  While you're at it, you can shape your tone with treble and bass tone controls, volume with treble bleed, phase switch, series/parallel switch, and single/dual rotary switch.  Who loves you, baybee?  The Beatnik Baron, that's who!


Look at what people are saying about the Beatnik Baron II!

If I'd only painted my Fokker lilac, Snoopy and I could have been friends...

The Red Baron

What can I say?  The Beatnik Baron II requires no embellishment.  I would never tell a tall tale!

Baron von Münchhausen

If I'd know about the Beatnik Baron II, I could have created monster tone!

Baron Frankenstein

The Clam Shack sure looks fine, but how does it sound?  Enjoy this high budget video to find out!

Clam Shack in the wild - my interview with Ryan Burke of 60 Cycle Hum!

Intrigued, Ryan had me stop by his studio for a proper demo!

But wait... there's more!  Here's the first demo from deep in the skunk works...

What's the deal with the name?  Why "Clam Shack"?

Really, why not?  Try coming up with a name for a guitar that sounds cool and isn't already in use or previously in use.  I mean, I was all excited when I came up with the name "Stratocaster" only to find out there's already a guitar by that name!  Unbelievable, right?

So, the Clam Shack is called Clam Shack because a) nothing else goes by that name, except shacks selling clams, b) it's easy to remember, and c) it's silly and guitar playing should be fun.  So there.


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