You can probably learn the most about us here at Alameda Guitars by considering the fact that this "about us" page exists primarily to have an even number of nav menu items.

Alameda Guitars is the result of 30 plus years of futzing with guitars.  In 1993 my bandmate Chris Sanzo and I started messing with gear to try and make said gear do more than it was designed to do.  Chris, an electrical engineer, could dive into the theory, and I'd just make sure I knew what I was futzing with wouldn't electrocute me, and start trying things.  It's generally been a good technique, though don't ask me about the time I kept wondering why my amp was shocking me when I was replacing a fuse.  Hint - unplug the amp first!

Rather than bore you to tears with some hokey spiel about how Alameda Guitars came to be (sadly, it did not involve Venus coming forth from the sea on a giant clam shell), I figure some videos of random tinkering I've done might be more useful.

Enjoy!  Mel Waldorf

Vox-ish amp I built with Ethan Meyer from Cave Valley Amps

Demo of DeArmond Rhythm Chief pickups with acoustic guitar strings

Thomas Vox Cambridge Reverb V1032 resto-mod

Fuzz circuit based on Vox Distortion Booster

Comparison of vintage, modern, and modified reverb pans

As if that's not proof enough I do things not quite normally, here's a video of my band Meshugga Beach Party on the Gong Show in 2017.  I'm the guy playing the guitar with the Off Kiltertrons.


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