The CLAM SHACK DEEP VI Model #2307

with deluxe wiring

DEEP VI - How low can you go?

The Clam Shack Deep VI takes the clammin' lifestyle down, down, down to the octaves below!  Featuring a 30" scale, the Deep VI is tuned like a guitar, only an octive lower.   Strung up with 20 to 90 gauge strings, the Deep VI serves up the usual Clam Shack goodness, but with a gravitas that only comes from speaking with a low voice.

Deluxe wiring?!?  What does that mean?

The deluxe wiring package gives you greater control of your Clam Shack!

The primary difference to the standard wiring is having independent voice rotary switches for each Off Kiltertron pickup.  Other new controls are treble and bass tone controls, a phase switch, a serial/parallel switch, a neck pickup on/off rocker switch, and a single/dual voice rotary switch.  This switch allows you to control both OKT voices separately (dual mode) or control both with the main voice rotary (neck pickup rotary).

Deluxe wiring is a $150 upgrade to any Clam Shack guitar, including the Deep VI six string bass!

Aren't you glad you asked?



30" scale neck / 9.5" radius
Fat "C" neck profile / 1.697" nut
Vintage frets (jescar 43080)
Maple neck / Rosewood fretboard
Alder body
Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz
Tuners: Gotoh locking
Bridge: large roller
Neck: Off Kiltertron
Middle: Bar-Belle
Bridge: Off Kiltertron
Master Volume
Treble Tone
Bass Tone
OKT Voice rotary (neck)
OKT Voice rotary (bridge)
5-way switch
Neck pickup rocker switch
Phase switch
Serial/Parallel switch
Independent or Master rotary switch

Color: Burgundy Mist Metallic / matching headstock / parchment pickguard

Want to escape the ordinary?

The Clam Shack Deep VI is the guitar for you!

The Deep VI with standard wiring is $2700.  The deluxe wiring is $150.

This Clam Shack guitar is $2,850 US including hard case. CONTACT US to learn more.

So how does this work?

The magic is in the OKT rotary, which allows you to quickly switch between the three single coil and three humbucking voices.  The tone control has a push/pull switch to engage the neck pickup, allowing you to have the neck and bridge pickups on together.  Volume control has a treble bleed so the high end frequencies aren't lost as you lower the volume.  Pretty cool, eh?


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